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يوليو 2020

OnePlus reclaims the throne in India’s premium smartphone market
OnePlus has reclaimed the top spot in India’s premium smartphone market, according to estimates. It still faces stiff competition from ...
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Blue Mail kicked off Play Store, devs say its retaliation by Google
Blue Mail, a popular email app, is no longer available on the Google Play Store. Blix, the app’s creators, claims that the removal is a...
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Windows apps coming to Chrome OS, but not through dual boot
A google manager has confirmed that Windows apps on Chrome OS will be a reality soon enough. Unfortunately, Windows will be virtualized...
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ماهي خاصية "Telnet" بويندوز وكيفية التحكم بالراوتر من خلالها
رغم ان الكثير منا يستخدم نظام ويندوز بشكل يومي بحكم انه النظام الاكثر إنتشاراً، إلا أننا دائماً ما نكتشف المزيد من الاسرار والتي دائماً ما ...
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Google Pixel 4a: Everything we know so far (Updated: July 31)
Update: July 31, 2020 (3:52 PM ET): We have updated our Google Pixel 4a rumor hub with additional specs details, a rumored (very likely)...
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