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Android 11 launch date via Smart Home Summit

  • It looks like a Google representative has revealed the Android 11 launch date.
  • The update is apparently launching on September 8.
  • This is roughly in line with the Android 10 schedule last year.

Android 11 beta versions have been available for a while now, giving users a taste of the next Android update. We usually have a few months to wait until the stable version hits devices, and now it looks like Google may have accidentally given us the final launch date.

According to a video posted from Google’s Smart Home Summit (h/t: PhoneArena), Android 11 will launch on September 8. Skip to the 18 minute mark in the video below to get a look at the apparent confirmation, or check the image up top.

The Android 10 update launched on September 3 2019, so the September 8 date is clearly in a similar time frame. Going back even further, Android 9 Pie launched on August 6 2018.

Nevertheless, one thing you can count on is that this update won’t hit a ton of smartphones at once. Generally speaking, the update first comes to Google Pixel phones, with other devices waiting a while. The Essential Phone received a day one Android 9 and Android 10 update, but it won’t be getting a stable Android 11 update though.

We’ve contacted Google for more clarification regarding this apparent launch date and will update the article accordingly when/if they get back to us.

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