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Some Galaxy Note 20 Ultra and Tab S7 owners report screen tinting issues

Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra pen leaning against phone

Credit: David Imel / Android Authority
  • There have been reports of Galaxy Note 20 Ultra and Tab S7 displays tinting green.
  • The S20 Ultra had a similar issue. Samsung eventually released a software update to address it.

You can add the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra, Tab S7, and Tab S7 Plus to the list of devices that suffer from OLED panels that tint green. As SamMobile notes, there are various posts across Reddit and Samsung’s forums of Note 20 Ultra and Tab S7 owners complaining that their devices feature an unsightly green hue in certain situations. As with other phones and tablets where this issue has cropped up, it’s usually caused by lowering the brightness of the display beyond a certain threshold. It’s most noticeable when the screen is displaying something with a gray background.

Where screen tinting has been an issue with Samsung phones in the past, it has mostly affected the Exynos variants of the company’s devices. That doesn’t seem to be the case this time around, with reports of the Snapdragon variant experiencing the issue as well.

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Screen tinting at low brightness settings is something that’s inherent to all OLED displays, regardless of the panel supplier — though it’s worth noting most phone manufacturers source their OLEDs from Samsung. In one way or another, it’s an issue that has affected most of the major phones released in the last year. With the OnePlus 8 Pro and Galaxy S20, the tinting got to the point where both OnePlus and Samsung had to issue software updates. More recently, the OnePlus Nord has had the problem crop up too. There’s a good chance that Samsung may end up trying to lessen the tinting with a software update.



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